Saadiyat Island Master Plan

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Saadiyat Island Master Plan

Saadiyat, an Island of Happiness, is situated just 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the heart of the City of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Saadiyat Island is surrounded by some of the most pristine and beautiful turquoise waters on Earth. With the Arabian Gulf to the North and Emirate of Abu Dhabi to the South, West and East, Saadiyat Island is poised in perfect harmony with man and nature. Compromising approximately 3,000 hectares (7,620 acres) of beach, lagoons and wetlands, Saadiyat Island is the premier destination for environmentally sensitive growth in the region.

A long beach of beautiful white sand and clear waters stretch the coastline 16.7 kilometers (9 miles) long. It is unrivaled in the Middle East providing expansive views across the ocean to the horizon. The beach also incorporates an area of sand dunes which gives it a natural feel and constitutes valuable habitat and coastal protection.

Complete with beach front resort hotels, high-end neighborhoods, a vibrant bustling downtown, and expansive and relaxing open spaces, Saadiyat Island is the flagship development of the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC).

In collaboration with EDAW and AECOM, JZMK International established the neighborhood community designs for this exquisite Master Plan. In addition, JZMK International provided the designs for the various building typologies to meet different market segments.