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The Ziani site plan illustrates the configuration of two seven-plex buildings to form a courtyard. The motorcourt forms the heart of two companion buildings, and front door entries occur along the outer perimeters. A variety of plan forms are blended into the motorcourt configurations, and the diversity of floorplan types widens the market audience. The floorplans consist of traditional two-story townhouses, carriage homes, flats, and three-story townhomes.

A passageway between the two seven-plexes allows entry into the motorcourt. Architecture is critical in the motorcourt and a variety of primary and secondary roof shapes, in conjunction with projections and balconies, ensures a rich architectural statement.

The three-story elements create vital undulation and movement, which is pivotal in replicating the Tuscan hilltop character. A variety of roof forms mixing gables, hips and sheds further intensifies the thematic content of the architecture.

Other elements that lend credibility to the aesthetic statement include the thickened wood trim of the windows, the balconies, and the variety of different window forms. In recent years it has become quite desirable to have floor plans designed with a first level master suite, Ziani boasts three out of seven floor plans with the master suite on the ground floor.