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JZMK Partners led a team of consultants in the planning and urban design of Mivida, a 385 Hectare (885 Acre) new town in New Cairo, Egypt. JZMK was involved in the visioning, design, technical site plan, and design guideline efforts.

Mivida is based around creating a comprehensive new town including all the elements to live, work, and play in the community. Four distinct districts are knit together with a web of open space following the remnant desert wadi system. The open space system includes multi-use trails, community clubhouse, sports facilities, pools, passive relaxation spaces, and water features. Open space serves a dual purpose of providing stormwater drainage and ground water recharge in addition to the recreational benefits. At the core of the community is the Central Park. All trails lead to the Central Park and each of New Cairo's four districts touch the Park.

A diversity of home types are proposed for Mivida ranging from luxury villas to high density flats above retail. The range of home types will give Mivida a competitive advantage by broadening the market, resulting in increased absorption rates compared to communities that offer a narrow spectrum of home types. In addition to the residential component, Mivida includes schools, retail, office space, entertainment venues, and religious facilities.

A true mixed use community Mivida will set a high standard of planning and design excellence for the region.