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Rancho Mission Viejo's new ranching oasis, The Outpost, has all the amenities you'll enjoy in Sendero's larger clubhouses, but it also has a true charm that lets guests reconnect with nature while enjoying all the best The Ranch has to offer. Removed from the main village and situated off of Cow Camp Road, The Outpost is surrounded by beautiful, rolling hills and scenic vistas that offer serenity and peace of mind.

As you approach The Outpost, the first thing you'll be hit with is a deep desire to take a nap - not because of your lack of interest, but for the cozy, inviting hammocks strung between large, beautiful palm trees. It's this feeling of carefree relaxation that defines the atmosphere at The Outpost.

The Outpost's hammock garden is already calling your name for a mid-day snooze. Here, it is perfectly acceptable—and encouraged—to daydream and sway in the afternoon breeze as you take in the lush surroundings. Once you've recharged, you'll be ready to explore the indoors.

To the right of the hammock garden, you'll find the clubhouse with comfortable amenities and an event room to rent for special occasions. Whether you're looking to host a private party or want a beautiful space for your weekend festivities, The Outpost's environment is the ideal combination of intimate, yet open space.