Project Highlight: Smeralda Bay

Posted by: JZMK | 06/18/2021

Together we innovate, we solve and we create.

Learn more about our design process, vision and inspiration in this short clip for SBAY.

Videographer: Ziba Photo Video
Location: CANVAS Costa Mesa
Project: Smeralda Bay – Cleopatra Developments


A complete array of ownership and vacation rental programs including Villas, Townhomes, Chalets and Apartments complement the luxury hotels on the site. A special feature will be the “Brand Apartments” at the top of the “Cliff” zone which will have incredible views to the ocean and roof deck infinity pools and gardens that provide the ultimate in resort living.

The vision is clearly seen in the creation of a sculptural
master piece that opens one’s imagination & that is infused with the sensibilty of Coastal Living.

Client: Cleopatra Real Estate Group
Location: North Coast, Egypt
Project Type: Resort
Site Area: 88.7 ha / 220 ac
Total Units: 2,370 units
Land Uses: 3 Resort Hotels, Villas, Clubhouse, Twins, Chalets, Townhomes, Brand Apartments, Retail/Commercial