JZMK is now presenting our projects in full VR with an immersive experience where we can put you into the project! Whether it is a land plan, community plan, urban plan or single building – it doesn’t matter. Here are just some of the possible benefits:

PRESENT the project to our clients so they can get the same perspective as their potential buyers or tenants.

REDUCE approval schedule and in some cases, the need for mock-ups.

EXPERIENCE the project’s level of design, amenities or over-all sense of place early in the process.

ASSIST with entitlement entities, such as a Planning Commission, Boards or a City Council.

COLLABORATE with clients and their marketing professionals to understand future views, amenities, and off-site premiums.

CREATE virtual sales models, encouraging pre-sales and possibly eliminating the need for actual models altogether!

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless and VR can create significant value for your project. If you want a personal tour of a project in VR, let us know. It only take 30 minutes.

VR Panoramas


This Huntington Beach infill site is located at the heart of downtown, where Main Street bends, connecting the Civic Core to the Pier District. An iconic architectural element, a geometric abstraction of a wave, highlights a rooftop deck that offers a unique view right down Main Street and the pier. High quality materials such as board formed concrete and composite wood cladding reflect the city’s heritage.

Gillette Apartments

Gillette Avenue Apartments was designed to be a component within the Irvine Business Complex Vision Plan. The project includes 326 Studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom luxury apartments situated within a 5-story Type III Building. Apartment offerings range from 595sf to 1,474sf. Future residents will enjoy generously sized resort-style rooftop amenities. The project also offers a bike cafe on the north side of the site where a future bike trail is proposed.