Holistic Approach

Allowing our core values to guide us, JZMK Partners applies an integrated approach to problem solving through thoughtful design, cutting-edge technologies, and social responsibility.

JZMK Process
JZMK Process

Effective Design Process

Collaborative and Multi-Disciplinary
“Placemaking” is our highest priority
Highly diversified with emphasis on “Contextual Architecture”

Physical, economic, market, cultural, political context
Understanding of client needs, goals and objectives
Environmental strategies, best practices
Existing built environment, historical setting
All projects start with a Design Workshop to craft the “Vision”

Client Objectives
Solving problems
Facilitating process and easy collaboration
Involvement of a Principal at all levels of the project
Bridging between disciplines
On-time; on-budget

Research & Development

JZMK Partners is committed to creating housing for the future. We’re constantly developing creative and efficient solutions that meet the unmet needs and challenges of our clients and the community.

We are a design leader in the field of pre-fab and modular housing. Working with one of California’s leading modular manufacturers, the firm has developed numerous prototypes for single family high density, net zero townhomes and resort units.

Are you’re looking for something new and innovative? Do you have a site or architectural challenge? Contact our team to find out what we’re currently up to and how JZMK Partners can help you find a solution.



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Virtual Reality & Technology

JZMK is presenting our projects in full VR, with an immersive experience where we can put you into the project. Here are just some of the possible benefits: Use the VR headsets as a design tool; reduce approval schedule and in some cases, the need for mock-ups; allow investors or partners to experience the project’s level of design early in the process; assist with entitlement entities, such as a Planning Commission, Boards or a City Council; and collaborate with clients and their marketing professionals to understand future views, amenities, and off-site premiums. Provide VR models for virtual reality sales office.
Find out more about our Virtual Reality Studio.

We look to technology to improve design or lower cost in all our projects. Building information modeling (BIM) is one such tool. Traditional building design relies upon two-dimensional technical drawings, but BIM goes beyond even three dimensions by also incorporating time (4D) and cost (5D). BIM covers spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components.