Al Ain, UAE


International Design Competition

Project Type

Luxury Resort


Land Use Area 830 Hectares
Building Area 129,000 SM


Al Ain, UAE

The city of Al Ain, best known for its many parks, palm groves and gardens, attracts visitors and residents alike who seek relief from a busier world. A short distance away from the cosmopolitan life of Abu Dhabi city, the Al Ain Palace Hotel, a 240 room facility, will provide a serene environment in which to conduct business, relax with family and friends and simply enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this exclusive oasis resort destination.

Designed with special attention to detail, the Palace of Al Ain incorporates several traditional elements of both the U.A.E in general, and Al Ain specifically. The arrival procession begins at the Royal Rotunda and at the Entry Oasis for regular business guests. Each provides a stunning view of Al Ain Palace. The guest enjoys a journey like no other, through dunes and oases to arrive at a palm-grove enclosed porte-cochere: the first of many magical experiences to come.

The Royal Suites gaze down onto the gardens and courtyards below. The grand reflection pool spreads tranquilly across the view ahead. In the distance, the gardens and their intricately placed pools and fountain carry the eye to the Palace Golf Course.