New Cairo, Egypt


Sheikh Khalifa

Project Type

Master Planned Community


Total Area 218 Hectares (538 Acres)
13,680 Units (Stacked Flats)


New Cairo, Egypt

Sheikh Khalifa City is based upon creating a place that respects and embraces the historical wisdom of Egypt while emphasizing the progressive future of Egypt.

The primary organizational element for the master plan is the Khalifa Park. The park provides a spine of open space with passive and active recreation venues. The park will include spaces for outdoor art to displayed, concerts and movies in the park, and limited space for restaurants and cafes.

The plan provides for a diverse mix of housing and land-use (commercial, public facilities, education, recreation). JZMK’s role in the project included visioning through detailed site planning and architectural design.

As an affordable housing community the building types have been designed in a “modular” arrangement that creates maximum building efficiency to control construction costs.