Changsha, China



Project Type

Master Planned Community & Architecture


Site Area 145.5 Acres (58.9 Hectares)


Changsha, China

Changsha Wanye Yoga Town Project is located in the Taiyangshan Forest Park District in Wangcheng County, Changsha, China.

The total project site is 58.9 Hectare (145.5 AC). The southern portion of the site is comprised of terraced rice patties. The northern portion of the site includes steep hillside terrain covered with dense vegetation. The “Big Idea” is to create three distinct yet connected villages that capitalize on the sites distinct areas. A high-denisty and mid-rise community will fill the low lying rice patties in the south. A town home community will fill the hilly transition area in the middle. A low density grade-adapted hillside community will fill the steep slopes on the north. Each distinct village is tied together with open space and a spine road.