Sage Ranch Project Receives 4-0 Approval

Posted by: Alexandria Ramos | 03/06/2019

 The Sage Ranch Project received unanimous approval from the Tehachapi City Planning and Zoning Commission on February 12. In partnership with Stuart Nacht and the team at Greenbriar Capital Corp, JZMK Partners has designed a master plan for a 138-acre development adjacent to Tehachapi High School.

JZMK’s Director of Planning John Leehey was present to discuss the unique marketplace and spoke at length about the new community’s environment. “The end result will be a community that exudes special charm and character with a strong emphasis on conservation, diversity, and an inspired lifestyle for all residents,” said Leehey. The community market focus will provide housing for members of the regional aeronautic and engineering industries, as well as the local community, seniors and first-time home buyers.

This development will have a total of 1,000 residential units in eight different housing programs ranging from apartments, townhomes, and detached single-family homes, all ranging between 1,000 to 2,600 square feet. Single-family lots will range between 3,200 and 5,500 square feet.

According to Leehey, the homes will “embrace the values of New Urbanism advocated by the city of Tehachapi, which promote design that follows traditional neighborhood development standards. These designs will encourage walkable and connected streets, strong streetscapes with porch front homes and easy access to a hierarchy of parks, all while reducing garage impact and eliminating the need for walled communities.” The Sage Ranch Project is anticipated to complete the environmental review, mapping and city approval process by summer 2019, with the first phase of development to follow soon after.