Irvine, CA


University of California, Irvine

Product Type

Student Housing


Site Area: 19.3 Acres
Units: 448
Beds: 882


Irvine, CA

Charged with the task of developing a student housing community that didn’t look like a typical student housing development, JZMK Partners rose to the occasion. The University, in an effort to offer more market-quality living accommodations for their students, asked for a high quality design that would meet or exceed that of the available off-campus housing. Each building is 35,669 square feet, and this program includes a 14,000 SF community building, as well as a separate laundry facility building. In a focused effort towards environmental responsibility and every day sustainability, JZMK and the University was able to design this project to successfully comply with the United States Green Building Council “Green” standards and the project was recently awarded the LEED-NC Gold Certification.

This Spanish-inspired project sits on 22 acres and features an earth-toned stucco exterior, sloped roofs, colored concrete walkways and bike paths, and plaza areas with barbeques, trellises and park benches. This program consists of studios, apartments and townhomes ranging from 400 to 1,270 SF in one-, two- and three-bedroom arrangements.