Conakry, Guinea


Eagle Hills

Project Type

Master Plan


Site Area: 25.25 Hectares /62.4 Acres
Units: 411
FAR: 0.30


Conakry, Guinea

When you enter the community of Beau Lac you instantly have a feeling of relaxation, a place where one can leave the worries of the day behind, a feeling of “home.”

You want to go where everyone knows your name and Beau Lac is organized to maximize social encounters with other residents to foster a place of true community. Beau Lac is a place where you don’t need your car for every trip, where you can walk to retail, recreation, and to jobs.

The community takes inspiration from Guinea. The architecture and landscape are fresh and blend contemporary massing with traditional materials and colors. The natural water channel running through the site is preserved and improved as a linear park and a central lake. Views of the lake are maximized throughout the site with sensitive grading and careful arrangement of buildings.