Chengdu, China


Tishman Speyer

Project Type

Master Planning & Architecture


Project Area 385,490 SM
Site Area 159,869 SM


Chengdu, China

The land use plan has been envisioned to be comprised of primarily two land uses, Commercial and Residential. The site comprises of three plots representing two zoned commercial and one zoned residential. The Commercial sector will serve as a great supporting phase for the residential areas by serving as a retail and professional office district. It will give the residents a place to shop, dine and entertain. Architecture along the roads will enhance the community urban design and encourage retail visibility. A cafe street / food court, fountain and entertainment plaza will help create an eventful ambience and nightlife that draws visitors and residents alike. The vehicular and pedestrian circulation system will be designed to integrate all the land uses into a cohesive master plan. The canal flowing through the heart of the masterplan is envisioned to become the central viewpoint around which the elements of the project are positioned and will render a sense of place to the residents.