San Diego, CA


TRI Pointe

Product Type

Single-Family Detached


Site Area: 3.4 Acres
45 Units
1,294 SF - 2,171 SF


13.2 DU/AC


San Diego, CA

These single-family homes make up one enclave of several high quality, desirable neighborhoods within the Altana master plan. The enclave site plan uses a greencourt / alley type of planning that is common and very successful in the region. The greencourts are pedestrian-only, allowing for ample landscaping and a strong front-door presence, while the alleys tuck away the garages for the units.

Views towards a large central park are enjoyed by many of the units from living areas and bedrooms. Four plan types and two architectural styles create a harmony of variety and balance within the enclave.

A central neighborhood lane provides vehicular and pedestrian access to each home. The homes are two- and three-story and exhibit a contemporary character with influences from the southern California region and history. Natural materials, simple forms, and ample natural light make for inviting and desirable living arrangement.