Healdsburg, CA


Urban Green

Project Type



8 Homes, 4 ADU's, 1 Accessory Structure


Gold Nugget Awards
Grand Award, Best Infill Site Solution
Gand Award, Best Single Family Home under 1,800 SF
Merit Award, Unique Residential Detached Housing Solution
Merit Award, Residential Detached Collection of the Year
Merit Award, Home of the Year


Healdsburg, CA

RiverHouse culminates a three year effort by the developer to respond to community demand for innovative, land efficient housing solutions. Adjacent to the Russian River in Healdsburg, CA, the site sits within the1/2 mile of a multi-modal center, public beach, and Class A bike trail. The 1.5 Acre site plan yields 8 single family homes and 4 ADU’s (accessory dwelling units) plus detached, shared wall garages. The “Cottage Court” concept organizes smaller homes around a shared green space and relegates garages to the site’s perimeter to de-emphasize automobiles and increase open space. Designed and approved with as-of-right zoning, and a CEQA infill exemption, RiverHouse demonstrates how to utilize tight infill sites. The plan creates a seamless hierarchy of public, semi-private and private realms for interest, and walkways connect deep front porches that face the Green or smaller spaces framed by existing trees. Tree protection strategies preserve over 80% of Heritage trees and allow the homes to have an immediate sense of timelessness. The sensitive Russian Riverfront, will benefit from habitat restoration – a project amenity and example of conservation development. Interpretive signage, new bioswales along the public street, and photovoltaic arrays on the south facing garage roofs, highlight the project’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

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