Cairo, Egypt



Project Type

Master Planning


4,865 Units
195.3 Hectares

Unit Typologies

Single Family Villas, Twin Villas, Townhouses, Duplexes, Apartments

Special Features

Promenade Open Space Corridor
Community Center & Sports Facility
Karmell & Vye Neighborhood Hubs
Mixed-Use RD&E/Office District
Open Space Amenity Nodes
K-12 School
Cycling Trails & Jogging Paths
Mosques & Prayer Rooms


Cairo, Egypt

Primed to be the next exclusive mixed-use residential community in Cairo’s extension of Sheikh New Zayed City, developer SODIC partnered with JZMK to create a master plan that relocated approximately 1,650 pre-sold/launched units and added an additional 3,215 units interconnected through a network of safe pedestrian oriented open spaces that lead to community amenity nodes. JZMK exceeded the project challenge of retaining the launch parcels while maintaining each unit’s premium in terms of orientation, views and surroundings.

The plan features three distinct districts each with their own unique landscape and architectural character providing residents with a lifestyle suited to meet their needs and exceed their aspirations. Central to the entire community and accessible by dedicated open space corridors is the Club, a five-hectare community/social center and sports park featuring an outdoor Olympic swimming pool, kids playground, soccer pitch, a variety of sport courts, mosque, interior gymnasium and studios, wellness oriented cafe, meeting rooms and community offices.

The Mixed-Use Center is designed to be a vibrant and exciting retail, dining, and entertainment destination, in addition to offering dynamic office space and medical centers.